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I am a PhD student at Princeton University in Computer Science, advised by Amit Levy. I am a member of the Princeton S* Network Systems (SNS) group. Previously, I received a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a minor in Mathematics from Duke University.

I am broadly interested in systems and security. My most recent research focuses on serverless computing problems such as orchestrating large-scale serverless applications and speeding up lightweight virtual machines. Previously, I worked on IFC and taint tracking, first for Android apps and later for IoT apps. Even earlier I worked on Linux device drivers for storage servers when I occasionally debugged by looking at how the LEDs on the motherboard light up.


  • Doing More with Less: Orchestrating Serverless Applications without an Orchestrator
    David H. Liu, Amit Levy, Shadi Noghabi, Sebastian Burckhardt
    Proc. 20th Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation
    (NSDI ‘23) Boston, MA. To appear.
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  • How Low Can You Go? Practical cold-start performance limits in FaaS
    Yue Tan, David H. Liu, Nanqinqin Li, Amit Levy
    ArXiv Technical Report:2109.13319, Sept. 2021

  • Pyronia: Intra-Process Access Control for IoT Applications
    Marcela S. Melara, David H. Liu, Michael J. Freedman
    ArXiv Technical Report:1903.01950, March 2019
    [paper] [poster]

  • Sandtrap: Tracking information flows on demand with parallel permissions
    Ali Razeen, David H. Liu, Alvin R. Lebeck, Alexander Meijer, Valentin Pistol, Landon P. Cox
    Proc. 16th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services
    (MobiSys ‘18) Munich, Germany, June 2018
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When I’m not working on a computer, I enjoy music, singing, gardening, and playing a few rounds of board games with friends and family. My wife and I currently live in Dallas.